Can I request an extension for my course?

Can I request an extension for my course?

Extension Request

We have updated the extension policy as stated on our Student Handbook, pages 10-11. We can only process a 3-month complimentary extension under compassionate and compelling circumstances with documented evidence (ie, if students can provide a medical certificate if it's due to medical reason).

In order to extend your course, you will be required to pay the $100 extension fee per outstanding unit which then gives you a further 6 months to complete your course.

Your extension will be 6 months from the course expiry date if your course has not elapsed or 6 months from the renewal date if your course has already expired.

Note that you can apply for the extension now or at least a week before the course expires. You can try and finish as many units as you can to lessen the fees that you need to pay.

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